An Ultimate Guide To A Full-size Mattress Set!

Thick mattresses are allied with luxury, convenience, and a baby’s sleep/ good night’s sleep. Indeed, everyone wishes to sleep on a luxurious bed every night, so whenever you plan to buy a full-size mattress set/ twin set/ king set/ queen set, you must consider several things. Factory Direct Mattress 4- You offer the best quality mattress; considering the height of the mattress, that can give you a better sense of how convenient the mattress may be.

Why Do You Prefer To Buy A Full-size Mattress Set?

You may experience that too thin or too thick mattresses may lead to bad sleep or leave a harmful impact on your health. Mattresses’ thickness is also referred to as their depth or height. If you buy a mattress that is thicker than 16 inches, it means it is extra deep or extra tall. So, if you are not clear about the exact size of the mattress, don’t worry; leave this task to us. We suggest the correct size of the mattress according to the bed, people. 

The thickness of the mattress also affects the height of the bed, so you must be clear about it. If we talk about the ideal size of the mattress, the top of the mattress should be 25 inches from the floor. By it, your feet can easily reach the floor when seated at the edge of the bed.

Full-size Mattress Set; What Are The Thickness Of The Mattress?

Generally, each company has a specific design and size of the mattress, and even some are designed according to people’s needs. But, you no need to wonder if you have need for mattresses; you can reach Factory Direct Mattress 4- You to get the perfect mattress. The most high-quality mattresses’ thicknesses are between 8 to 14 inches. We enlist some standard thickness:

  • 2 to 5 inches:- Low thickness mattress
  • 5 to 8 inches:- Slim mattress
  • 8 to 2 inches:- Standard mattress
  • 12 to 16 inches:- Thick, deep, or tall mattress
  • Above 16 inches:- Extra thick, deeper or taller mattress.

If you plan to set a bed in the guest room, it would be best to buy a 2 to 5 inches or 5 to 8 inches mattress. Actually, these mattresses are usually air mattresses that look cool to see.

Queen size mattress set is best for the bedroom where couples sleep.

What Are The Essential Factors In Determining The Thickness Of The Mattresses?

The depth of the mattress depends on the thickness of each layer inside it. Most common mattresses have two layers inside them, but some may have three, four, or more layers. Even each layer contains different material. Actually, these materials affect the cushion, adherence, and durability of the mattress. The primary layers of the mattresses are the comfort layer and base layer.

Comfort Layer:- The push top layer of the mattress is the comfort layer. The comfort layer is a pillow top conciliating cotton, poly-foam, or wool in some mattress types like innerspring beds.

Base Layer:- The base layer, also known as the foundation layer, determines mattress durability. In most high-quality mattresses, the base compromise 50% of the total thickness. So, whenever you buy any mattress, make sure the base of the mattress is just half of the total mattress thickness.

Final Thoughts! 

The too thin or too thick mattresses are not good for better sleep as well as not good for health. You can say that you didn’t feel comfortable in these types of mattresses. So, always choose the best and high-quality full-size mattress set. You can contact us at Factory Direct Mattress 4- You to get the best and high-quality mattress. We ensure to have a good sleep and good health. These mattresses are suitable for any type of position.